Saturday, September 30, 2006

first hit

things need to be first words.woke up after sleepless night in my studio doing "trial of evil" one. got connected to some special man from Indonesia. Kalamayat. i hope to have a collabo running strong with him. the guys sound is simply amazing.blew me to this moments when through net I get connected to the world and discover new things. art and people.It's happening so fast.
Luc Van Acker responded today. proposed me a show in Belgium in some guy's living room.guess he must have seen me perform on recorded a live session in my studio on Macbookpro using it's internal mic and cam. i like the fuckin' result.simple and effective.
think I would be ready to perform in a couple of month.
spin for me.I have a feeling that when shit will start happening it just won't stop. my main system is filled with thousends of useful audio files. I t would be enough for ages of reconstruction.
need someone to help me sort it out.
mood : excited.