Monday, March 31, 2008

going to L.A.

I'm leaving Chicago tomorrow. heading to L.A. to meet Toshi Kasai and start working on Noise Inc. album .we agreed that it's going to be all about reworking and creating totally new sounds.
excited. will be working with creative people again which is something I missed a lot in the last years.
the struggle for my dreams keeps on going. no way of backing off. promised that to myself a long time ago. never give your dreams up. no compromise on this way and the weak fall aside but that's what this is all about.

I'm keeping the memories from the past with me all the time and I respect totally all the people who brought me to this place : family, partners, fans and friends.
special place in my heart is always reserved for sweet noise friends . the fans I had honor to meet in person and learn something about their world. nothing compares to this feelings.

for them I have to return stronger...

now time for challenge, uncertainty , fight and minimalism.

never give up the dreams and always break the space and walls around you...

revolution is in our hearts, souls and brain. I did not start my way to consume any kind of success but to constantly evolve and discover new ways. through my art I share this with others.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

new way

I arrived in U.S. couple of days ago to start some interesting art collabs with musicians I admire. hope it becomes a new challenge
and a gateway to new levels in multimedia and music.
will keep a sound diary based on field recordings from my trip here :

and photo diary here :

time to evolve and reconnect.
my work will cover both sweet noise and noise inc. project as both are close to my heart.

best vibes to those who follow. I wouldn't be here if not your support.

finally Vahan Bego is on myspace. check it :