Tuesday, October 31, 2006


new track"Katana_feedback" added to Noise Inc. myspace profile. Samurai Way is still evolving into new structures. evolving and surprising. I guess this is not the end of this path. brutal, ultimate and beautiful.let this one be our respect for true masters and craftsmen able to shape steel into beautiful and lethal objects of desire.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

TOMO doing the " In The Blood " track

TOMO is in!! he's gonna commit to "In The Blood Noise" Inc. track. I'm so happy . he is one among the most interesting artists I found on myspace lately. can't wait. If somebody is reading this send good vibes if not I'll send mine and they're very powerful these dayz.
going down to the bunker to play with my Dj. preparing the african trip thing. think we're gonna blow people away with our stuff out there.
seriously I have so much emotions to share with them and they're all in the songs so it's fine.
yeah TOMO is good news.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

in the blood

sometimes I don't write for ages, doing sounds and stuff but then when words come they won't let you pass them by. I wrote this for a track I send to TOMO (Transcendental Organic Magical Objective/.still waiting for his response.he is brilliant.great musician and artist fromTokyo Japan.if he gets in, the track is going to be mindfuckinblowing.Noise Inc. project looks much clearer to me this days.a couple more songs and I'll be ready to give it a shape of an album.definetly WATS left it's mark upon my music. it sounds like a fuckin soundtrack but I always loved this approach and that's where I'm heading.

In The Blood

it is in the way we live
in the way we fight
in the way we loose
in the way we try
it is far beyond what you expected
state of war that you've always neglected
the victim"s shame and the silent blame
the beaten up brain that has gone insane
civil war when your dream is peace
burning steel in the bleeding fists
it's in the way we love
in the way we kill
hundred millions lifes
taste the naked fear
you sucked me dry
got no drop to spill
I cut the fucking throat of my broken will
I spit in the eyes of killers and liars
political whores
I can not deny it
it is in the blood
written in my veins
bloody thorny ways
my forgotten grace
in the way I hate
walls are falling down
king is loosing all
crowd will burn his crown
crowd is drunk with blood
rage is all they have
they will pull you down screaming for your head
it is in the blood
far beyond yourself
much too deep to find
on your knees you search
search and you will find
do you fear the truth
will you kill yourself
what if God is you
what if I was right
what if you have failed
it is in the blood
my forgotten friend
and the price you pay
is the price of life
this is how you fall when you loose the fight

Friday, October 13, 2006

old friends

doing The Triptic thing with my man Kam down in the basement.extremely noisy rehearsals.mindblowing experience.yeah we're getting ready.
my old dear friend Zuk visited me today. we let The End Of The century tear the loudspeakers.it was fun. he played bass on this great record.the man is still fuckin intense.love him and wish him the best.been through hell with him and it's true when you go through the bad times together it bings you close forever. I'll soon let him show his fuckin' teeth again.got a plan.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

great session with Cozt. doing the triptic thing. 

Monday, October 09, 2006

Vahan Bego

my dear brother Vahan is back from Armenia. he brought a lot of positive vibes, power and sun from his homeland. so good to see someone who is so proud of his own country and it's people.looks like armenia is going through it's positive phase and developing.we made some plans for future, talked about art as always and tried to figure out the right direction for our progression.I feel motivated.shared my art with a sensitive human being. I'm glad that he found "doc scape" so cinematic. like he said "brother you painted, sculpted and played music altogether in this piece".
thank you.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


will be sending a piece of music to my friend Reynaldo Young from UK very soon. working on this dark ambient composition. his modern approach would be much appreciated. hope he will join me. one of those on myspace I became a huge fan from the very first moment. his piece "In Darkness" is great.
DOC is back in this one. sitting right next to me. i learned to accept the fact that every now and then we write something together. hope it gives him some relief.
working mostly during the nights. daylight is too disturbing. in a feew weeks things will dramatically change  so I just push the limits now.
africa is calling.

mood: calm after storm

Saturday, October 07, 2006

even when  you turn the noise down, destroy it's source, turn away in disgust and turn your back on me it is still part of the effect. when it makes us drift apart, unable to communicate no more I feel it's working. yes the work is done. the truth is revealed when you stand in uncomfortable position screaming turn this horrible noise down, turn off this insanity which has got nothing to do with music anymore. I provoke you by throwing the most raw of my emotions straight into your face. If you're still out there for me then I'd love you always. I'll adore you in silence.
being on the edge is hazardous . you can fall down with a broken back. you don't even know that you're on the edge until you suddenly find yourself there. turning away from the path would only mean your own defeat because there is no one in the place where you stand. this is the hardest part. to admit your own defeat. accept your own weakness when so many things are strange and unnamed. no leaders and gods just you. will you turn away from the path and leave the work unfinished?would you do that?


Thursday, October 05, 2006

up to my neck in extreme shit

after I send "trial of evil" to Kalimayat started working on a new noise track.It's like an open bleeding wound.painful and extremely realistic whatever it means. I hardly control it. every now and then I build something that lives life of it's own.sculpting it is a heavy task. I'm like samurai concentrating on one perfect cut, hit and blow.no fuckin around with this tracks. I called it "Samurai Way".
MdotStrange send me a photocast with shots he uses as reference and inspiration for seq 11 of his We Are The Strange movie.they reflect my track in a perfect way.it happened to us before.never met this guy and somehow we are like one.this might be the positive side of net collaboration.you don't deal with this sick personal shit.
Kalimayat did his job.believe me he hit the spot perfectly.beautiful sounds that made "trial of evil" a complete story.fuckin love this guy's sound approach.minimalistic yet extreme.soon on myspace profil.
hope to continue this collaboration.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

KalImayat responded enthusiastically to "Trial of evil". can't wait to hear the results.It's inspiring me.I'm sure he'll add unbelieveble depth to this track.started thinking about creating a performance squad consisting of noise artists from around the globe. different approaches to noise textures. I'm looking forward to mixing them. this is on of the ways to develop things.mix them up to create something new.one of my dreams.intelligent noise ensemble.one day,one day.
teaming up with MdotStrange and his visual approach would be fucking thrilling.
Mood-"trial" in repeat.dark.

Monday, October 02, 2006

after sleepless night I've sent an audio file to Kalimayat a harsh
extreme noise artist from Indonesia. the guy is living in australia
and he's willing to collaborate with noise.inc over "trial of evil"
thing. in this case the effect is unpredictable. fuckin' love it this
way. to find people out there who are extremely dedicated to their
art is refreshing and inspiring . I had enough of lame characters
around me in recent years. things start to change. the last time I've
felt this way was when creating "the end of the century" album with
sweet noise. we bled and wrote tracks. for hours sculpting noise in
extreme conditions. then this magic was gone. time was divided
between the so called "real life" and art. it was all I revolted
against and here it was fuckin me right in my ass. saying:" share
your time". and I watched 'them" become fatter, more lame and
disgustingly comfortable in their motherfuckin fame zone.
it was killing me month after month and year after year. finally
noise.inc was born. against those I called friends for years, against
being comfortable and "normal". back to where I belong.
fuck you.fuck your bitches.fuck your normality. I have to wash the
dirt of my mind after you came and destroyed all I ever loved.
back to noise.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I warn you what you are suggesting is not only illegal but it is