Wednesday, December 26, 2007

new noise inc. sounds on freesound project

added new sounds to Noise Inc. freesoundproject acoount. field recording folder includes sounds recorded in south africa.

check it. download it. and use it.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Sex is the beginning.understanding, learning, curving the pass untill it shines with pure perfection is the way.
The verse goes : the man is from one side and machine is from the other. Together they become an instrument. Where they collide things are happening. Too extreme in great values. Mind opening when dosed with knowledge.


Where two worlds collide a third world is born…

I’ll better prepare myself.

noise inc. first release

the_clean_cut_blade is ready for download from Noise Inc. netlabel.
primitive, complex, raw and out of controll. my vision of extreme sound.share and use.

noise inc

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

everyday is a rat race

beats started to bang. archivising my sound library. regrouping and categorizing my files. hundreds of sounds, projects and instruments. this labtop I use is so loaded with freaking out sound generators and mad noise experiments that it constantly amazes me.
It's not a question of if we have enough power but how we control the one we possess these days. thats the real solution and source of everything to come.
I follow the voices in my heart in this process of creation.
even in the biggest chaos cloud there are some pieces of logical chains that might be the new beginning. somewhere, somehow, pieces fit.
best vibes to those who follow.

soon releasing the_clean_cut_blade on Noise Inc. net label :

first release with a lot more to come.
looking for serious cats out there willing to revolt a bit or 8bit if you prefer my friend.