Monday, April 28, 2008

The Great Horn Of The Marching Horde

for the last three days I was writing tracks for one of our dear friends who would possibly join the Serce album. he is a true master and he deserves the finest pieces. did my best and today we were sorting it all out with Toshi.
dark music is draining my emotions and soul. if you don't commit your whole being to the process of creation it sounds just like some cheap bullshit.

one piece is really dark and fine with great Toshi's guitar part . it sounds like The Great Horn Of The Marching Horde.

who knows maybe we have an album name here.

will create one more with my voice only.

Japanese and Polish sensitivity is a weird combination but think we have a lot of things in common. this melancholy hidden beneath the skin...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Heart Of The Broken Nation

Heart Of The Broken Nation

ghosts of the past
fall down upon me
and it's not my time to fuckin kneel and prey
they bring you down torment and segregate you
and when you're done
it's too late to pull away

beggers in the street,
raped, sister lonely
you sold your soul for pleasure and pain

new modern slaves
you're not the only
I know the streets that run red with blood again

sleep beauty sleep
cure your wounded heart that's been broken
broken dreams
broken lifes
in this nation of million lies

dream beauty dream
I'm down here on the earth without you
broken soul in the dark alone
In this heart of a broken nation

saints and stars
the bullets and guns
fake is a fake
in the jar of lies
and your life they take it
steal then make it
sell it million times
then break it
on and on the games goes on
when the streets just burn
they'll burn you home
and it all goes down
and you loose you crown
the crowd will scream to kill the clown

no time to waste
no I can't fake it
no heart to break
so they won't brake it

in this land of storm
where my faith burns on
I hear the heartbeat of a broken nation

stay and live
when all you can do is die

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hirayoshi - I will return

Hirayoshi the rise and fall
in the way you fight and loose it all
it's the golden dream
that you always chase
a bloody last eternal race

it's the challenge that we all shall face
the taste of war, smell of disgrace
the winner dies with a risen fist
lost it all with no defeat

Hirayoshi I leave in shade
in the dark I walk and find my way
and I bow my head to the ancient ones
to take my soul when the time is right
till then I live and learn
from my loneliness and pain
the wisdom comes with the broken back
for every cut I'll pay them back

call your name
in final moment
I'll call your name
I'll touch the wound and I won't
not a single day I do regret
I'll call your name
to see your face
the endless beauty's trace

Hiroyoshi I will return...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

another song!

another day at Toshi's place and another great song coming. could it be better ? this little bustard is a funky motherfucker. this sound is getting trippy. word of the day : James Bond. recorded guitars through Sherman and Metasonix and some tambourine in the closet. can't wait till tomorrow... but till then I'll try to come up with lyrics for the new one. for the streets...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sky Cracks Open- vocal session

uff. my first vocals recorded in L.A. for project Serce. right there in Toshi's closet me doing vocals for our new song S.C.P
I'm happy. the song is a blast. weird combination. explosive and addictive. imagine Black Sabbath, Prodigy, the 60's guitar rock, 8 bit music, noise,some hip hop and hard core coming together. all served in funk style. I'm amazed. it is up to now my most relaxed session. we just take music where we want and I can release my demons. it's like two guys doing what the fuck they feel like doing. freedom. some of you will like it some not and that's fine. I'm in love with this shit.

started an online video operation. sending files from U.S. to friends in poland. MdotStrange involved in this with his brother Sean Boyles the author of Serce artwork. I'm delivering pure life, emotions. no pretending, posing, calculating. raw thing.

did vocals in polish language for some other track. we agreed with Tosh that it's just right to do it and yes it sounds great. I might come with some more polish lyrics.

pozdrawiam wszystkich przyjaciol i dziekuje tym ktorzy we mnie wierza. robie to co robie jak zawsze dla siebie i sztuki , ale Wy jestescie i zawsze bedziecie w moich myslach. porywam sie na wysokie cele, ale nie chce kiedys myslec ze moglem cos zrobic, sprobowac i tego nie zrobilem. wole zlamac kark wspinajac sie na Mount Everest niz wiecznie wchodzic na znajome gorki.
prosze nie kalkulujcie ile mam tutaj szans, ile mialem w polsce i ze na polske to wystarcza, a L.A. to inny swiat. gowno prawda. swiat jest jeden. kto inny jak wy powinien o tym wiedziec.wychowano nas w systemie ktory nauczyl nas czuc sie gorszymi i slabszymi od innych nacji. tak nie jest. jestesmy tacy sami. wszyscy.

wiem ze niektorym trudno zrozumiec ze szukam, ze pragne progresu calym soba i zrobie wszystko zeby nie stac w miejscu i ciagle sie rozwijac. jezeli Sweet Noise mial przekaz, a wieze w to caly czas to wlasnie to bylo sedno sprawy. lam standarty, ograniczenia, burz mury i rozwijaj sie. buntuj sie przeciwko wszystkiemu co nie pozwala Ci byc wolnym. wierz w siebie i swoje marzenia. jezeli to oznacza bol, rozstania i wrogow wszedzie do okola - trudno . probowales... i za to Ciebie szanuje.
dla setek to glupie i bez sensu. dla jednego to inspiracja i nadzieja i wlasnie o niego tutaj chodzi.
chcialbym zeby kazdy z Was byl tym jednym ktory porwie innych.
trasa. pieprzyc trase. bedzie lepsza trasa i lepsze koncerty.kiedy bede gotowy na spotkanie z Wami. obiecalem ze nie zobaczycie slabego Sweet Noise na scenie i chce dotrzymac slowa. to wynika z szacunku dla Was jako odbiorcow. glebokiego szacunku. jednak ja wroce.
wiem ze szablon jest taki. plyta-trasa, ale Mr. G pierdoli system, pozadek i lad. przeciez to bylo tak nie dawno i wielu z Was krzyczalo ten tekst na koncertach na cale gardlo. wlasnie teraz to robie. na zywo tego doswiadczam. sztuka - zycie. taka zawsze byla zasada.
zasad i slowa raz danego nie lamie.

kocham Was i dzieki.

Piotr G.M.

for those tears I'll come and burn you
for her tears I'll come and burn

Monday, April 14, 2008

sky cracks open

lust and fear my love and hunger
will to fight to stay deep under
shame you give I spit you swallow
what if there's no more tomorrow
lies so sweet become addictive
nothing's gone as you predicted
beaten, weak, betrayed but trying
rise myself from dirt, she's crying
for those tears I'll come and burn you
read this eyes
that day where were you ?
earth is shaking and skies break open
can't forget the words you've spoken

for her tears I'll come and burn you...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Serce - new project.

After coming to L.A. I formed a new project with my friend Toshi Kasai. we are recording ideas for future releases. no limits, no key words or specific directions.
we have both experiences on different fields so the result has to be intriguing.
it"s been going on very well till now. we have some plans related to recording snakes, junk yard noises and some sessions in the mountains.

project's name : Serce

date of birth : april 4th 2008

place of birth : Toshi’s kitchen

aim of activity : several audio related projects reflecting the beat of our hearts

style : undefined, progressive based on collision of two different worlds and characters.

circuit bended instruments and good friends brought as together. after two years of exchanging emails and planning our collab here we are doing it.

Serce is alive and kicking. beating the nervous rhytm of our lifes and times.

Peter M. / Noise Inc. , Sweet Noise / and Toshi Kasai / Big Business, Deaf Nephews, Altamont, Nound Nor Soise /

Toshi Kasai on projects name : " Serce - this sounds so fuckin' cool. so powerful... Let it be our name..."

soon music on

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


symbolizm monumentalny to jest sztuka podziemia

monumental symbolism is an underground art.

Vahan Bego