Wednesday, May 21, 2008


people loose the battles in their minds before they loose on a battlefield...

artists with no thrilling stories to tell are lame...

first I need to see a picture, a flash of truth, a path to follow and then everything becomes easy again. I'm ready to create. it's an exhausting and long process and a real trial for the faith as the path is full of thorns and both feet and brain bleed as I walk in the dark. the steps, uncertain take me back and forth. I love and hate this moment. so uncertain.

my only guilt was the desire to keep the progress of thought alive and burning.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Serce trailer audio file

Serce traile 01 audio file in Cd quality for download on my podcast . enjoy !


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Serce on and more

I've just created a movies group on you can start uploading your movies, remixing some serce sources and creating new reality...

link to Serce group

Serce/ group

there is also some footage from our junkyard session and audio visual Serce trailer check those out . entirely edited with editors. raw and simple and fast !

Serce on


if you want to send any art movies directly to Noise Inc. jumpcut profile for further remixing this is an email. make the movies an attachment and send. I'll get'em and mix'em.

last weekend I hanged out with Vince the creator of Mandala drums used by Tool's and King Crimson drummers and we jammed, talked about programs, music and underground vibes.
we jammed a bit doing crazy noise stuff and it felt sooooo good. this man is so deep into sound processing that it's scary. believe me. his Max/Msp patch for the drum is like a huge never ending labyrinth .

check a sound picture from his place here on my podcast :

black wizard podcast

soon we want to meet and do some sound work with a band. loud drums, guitars, computers, screaming weirdo called G and many more.

check Vince's work
Mandala Drum

currently working on songs for Jon from New York . he is a bamboo japanese flute player that I admire a lot and we want to make some music together.


best vibes and join the fight club

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Market Day Massacre

new song on Serce profile. Toshi's spoken. becoming complete. tired but happy. can't sleep much. art 24 hours a day. some say it's the gentle art of making enemies . true in my case.

Chelsea fuckin' won. Jus met a polish sweet noise fan in London. he was so happy. love and respect across the ocean.