Sunday, September 23, 2007




Xhosa lyric                                          English translation______________ 

Into zomhlaba (repeat)                                                Things of Life
Phaphama (repeat)                                                        Wake Up
Asikho isikhathi sokuhlala uhlanye                                   There's no time to sit around and be mad
Kuyatshisa Kuyabanda                                                 It's hot, it's cold
Kuyabanda Kuyatshisa                                                 It's cold, it's hot
Skhipha iDust, Skhipha indlala                                        There's dust, there's poverty
Sweet Noise                                                         Sweet Noise and Zukile from the location to Poland
Skhipha Malang AK eLokhshini to Poland
Zukile Aka Malang efela                                        Zukile the one and only
Azishe lapho                                                        Burn the Fire
Azishe Azishe Azishe                                                Burn burn burn
Skhipha iDust gcwala                                               Face the Dust


another dawn breaking
I'm all alone
through this nights and days on my own
I'm a lost soul knocking on your door
victims of terror and civil war
my brothers and sisters
living on the run
hate to see you brake and suck their guns
life is pain but it's hard to die
hard to live among the thieves and lies
when the doves cry my beauty is born 
brother step for a while and make it your home 
no losers 
no better no worse
down in the gutters I know you can

rise rise refuse and resist
my child of fury
you're the one I miss

in your eyes see stars of faith
don't give up
accept the pain
when your freedom dies
I break down and cry
when your freedom dies
it means the end of our road

rise rise refuse and resist
my child of fury
you're the one I miss

your cry and fire in your eyes
respect to the ones that live and try
I swear to God that the fuckers forgot
that you die of hunger in your broken homes
in the lands wiped of the map
I can feel the gap in my broken heart beating
mama it's dark 
so dark and cold now
where's your promise
where's your pride and love now
another dawn breaking
out in the streets where life ain't faking
no sun for this hungry child
out in the bloody east
the west, north, south
bare sticks
dust and bricks
politicians playing same dirty tricks
and the crowd got mad and my beauty got shot
down in the gutter
in the mud and blood

rise rise refuse and resist
my child of fury
you're the one I miss


Asikho isikhathi sokuhlala uhlanye                                      There's no time to sit around and be mad
Kuyatshisa Kuyabanda                                                   It's hot, it's cold
Kuyabanda Kuyatshisa                                                   It's cold, it's hot
Skhipha iDust, Skhipha indlala                                          There's dust, there's poverty
Skhule kanzima                                                          We grew up hard
Singo mafunga angajiki                                                  We commit ourselves, we don't give up
Sulinye mbezi                                                          Wipe off your tears
Shebeleza Skhiphani                                                  Shebeleza, what is happening?
Qhawu Qhawuku ujingi                                                  The swing is broken
Qhawu Qhawuku ujingi abantwana bedlala                          The swing has broken while the children are playing
Kuqhuma irhuluwa                                                          There's a smell of gunpowder
Umtwana zibekhe kahle                                                  Child please take care of yourself
Kuqhuma irhuluwa ilife ngamahla ndenyuka                          There's a smell of gunpowder, Life is up and down
Kuyabanda Kuyatshisa                                                   It's cold, it's hot
Sihlanganisa amathe neNyembezi                                  We mix spit and tears

Thursday, September 20, 2007


blasting last night with Lark in Poznan. this band is simply fuckin
amazing. it's been their first time in poland and people responded
really well. it's hard to remain emotionless after their gig.
passionate and true art.
did a performance with Paul and Kostek, something we were
planning back in africa. feel it might be a beginning of some serious
project. we played for 40 minutes and it was totally out of control
but I like it this way. it's a journey that takes you to unknown .
it's more like something we do for ourselves rather than calculating
wether people are going to dig it or not. it's fresh. soon I'd start
implementing visuals into this noisy trips.
met people from Sweet Noise forum. warm and special as always it was
good to see them enjoy the performance of one of my guests from The
Triptic album . the idea of bringing artists together is finally
working on international level . yeah.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

stay alive

gone through the first phases of editing "Give it all away" video. first choosing the  materials from almost 11 hours of footage which was shot in Guguletu and Mbekweni Townships of South Africa. closed that to 2 hours or so and started editing, compositing and putting the story together. haven't left the Lightcraft studio for three days and nights but finally the editing is done and it really looks amazing. now Lukasz will start his magic : the online process which is going to take it to a new level.
It feels like back in africa. the shots are so real that it takes me back there to those people and places. I'm glad that through this vid I'll be able to share this beautiful experiences with you. no acting, fucking posing or crap like that. real life, real pain, real love. never done anything like this before but have to say that the truth is always the heaviest emotion. it was like going back to the roots. performing in the streets, houses. being among people and having to defend all I believe in and all that I am. this action reminds me of our polish Nie bylo episode - visiting fans all over the country in their homes to shoot a video. going from city to city and breaking this line between artists and listeners. it changed me and hope it gave them something too. still remember those days, faces and words we said./thank you all/
In africa Teba and Zukile opened these magic doors for me and took me for a rough ride through the ghetto world. I miss you guys very much. hope that the evidence of purity of our action is just cooking.
let's deliver the "cyber crime"
my home is where I sleep. you know...



Yo! rapapampam Rasta na promote nonastyness
All Rastaman uno better eh!
Rapapampam Rasta na promote no badness
All artist uno better rise to the top
Bambam Rasta na promote no nastyness
All politicians uno better step one side
Bambam rudeboy na promote no badness
All artist uno better rise to the top

my home is where I sleep
put the head on a bed put it on the bricks son
down down with the dirt the under dog without a shelter
I'm standing out there in the fire 
I feed my love my hope, desire (oh)
still alive after all these years
seek the cancer in my head
I spit in eyes of the killers and liars
political whores
 I can't deny it no
hate kills and pushes me ahead
need a blessing to aim at their heads now

I need your love to keep on fighting
to stay alive and breath 
I need your love to keep on breathing
just keep on breathing
breath for me

what an angry son
tell'em motherfucker when it all began
hard case when we stand against
broken flowers with the bullets in their heads now
blind millions scream and yell
dirty motherfuckers that rule this game
look down at this fucking world where 
people got mad and there is no god

no land no promised land
cheap thrills and stinking hands
eyes blue, what happened to you
who shot you down baby    

I need your love to keep on fighting
to stay alive and breath 
I need your love to keep on breathing
just keep on breathing
breath for me

to keep on fighting
to keep on breathing

when you leave I'm broken and bleeding
heart can't stop and wounds still bleeding
where did you go
did you know

I accept myself with this chaos burning in my head
cherish beauty kiss my anger
shelter weakness feed the hunger
of my senses inner world traces
take me to those childhood places
I'm your son on his own
feel your wounds and mean no harm
don't ask me when it all began
endless painful bloody run
givin it all 
sharin it all with people I love

I'll fight this fight for you
I'll fight and die for you
I'll cross the line for you
Stand on the edge for you
I'll drown in tears for you
I'll fight my fears and stand by you 


some justice
give'em some justice
power to the people 
and give'em some justice


Consciousness musically uno get that yes man trust we
a bomboklat dead uno try fe test we
Pon the earth breath brings wealth
Death brings birth and birth leads to death
So use your breath and maths fe your wealth
From north Sweet Noise ina the south x2
There pon the street raise up uno feast
We take it from the west and fix ina east
Some times life is like a beast
So listen to me now consciousness pon me lips
Ah we na ease revolution pon least
So inhale you coulda have a meal
InI fight na hide ina the kist
Under the sun there's love ina the the mist
Oxygen ina yor lungs now ina your lungs
Ah we na fraid fe the pounds now fe the pounds
Good use pon your funds now pon your pounds
Poor youth never be thugs now never be thugs
Yes I yes I don't know yes I yes I yes I don't you know yes I
It's consciousness every time seen!

P.S. don't fight. think and be together as one. treat art as a tool 'cos it ain't no politics but sure it is a weapon.

Friday, September 14, 2007



so you sell yourself
do you buy the dreams
did the brand new life wash away old fears
why you're on your knees
clutching to your lies
what have you become just a shadow of a man dancing
to the beat of your hate within
I'm the one you blame for you pain and fear
and you burn my life
crush and brake my bones
burn and rape my love
want to steal my home
take away respect
and the ones that hold to my ways and days
and the songs those written on my skin
like the blood in the veins
they're the burden and chains
fire always walk with me
call 'em my own
those streets
like my home
I'm here all alone
just a man on his own
know their lifes with no shining stars
women broken bruised
women fight for life
numb is the fear for the only one
want to make her safe
want to make her smile
boy brother take away your guns
it's sad but true love is dead for good
love is all we had
love is all we lost
I'm the one you blame
for your life that's lost
I'm the one you blame for your life that's lost
this is my life

this is my life written on the walls
this is my life in this chords and words

shame, shame on you
don't you know it ain't a game

stars they know I loved you like no other tried to be there for you
tried to be your brother
this is my faith my freedom my life hoo
my way to the promised land hoo
the lost and found trace
I'm struggling for my own space
underneath the cold face I try to reach beyond death
my peace my war my anger
lust fear my beauty and hunger
pain gets stronger as the world gets colder
thoughts raging I'm rearranging
the core not changing, my life is changing
life is changing thoughts fly high and raging don't you know

life is changing time for peace and changes
don't you know that it's time to give peace a chance

Thursday, September 13, 2007


black leather boots

am I loosing you or just loosing myself
out in the dark the site of my fate
falling walls
smashed up bones
brother kills brother
and gold is gold
betrayed you
like they betrayed me
they fucked my love and tried to fuck me
pearls sink in greed and lust
flowers die fast
and I see my people wasted
people tired of being tested
people die somewhere molested
used to feed the rich and nasty

black leather boots
kickin' peace right in the teeth
they're killing my baby

here's the priest
suckin' the boy
starting up war
blessing the bombs on the top of the world
somebody's waiting for you
he's breathing war
smoking up war
like fuckin a whore
just playing a role
he's stealing your child
raping your mind
he's blowing your life to pieces

all of your stars will be falling down one day
all of your stars will be falling down some day

some day
I'll be far away
one day
I'll be on my way
I'll be missing you
one day
I'll be out there for you

for you
I'll be missing you
for you
I'll be out there

I need your hands in this one
I need your hands this time
against corruption and lies
mass destruction and mental slavery
I need your hands against discriminating nations
discriminating people
discriminating our right to live in love and peace

wasted and I see my people wasted people tired of being tasted people
die somewhere molested

I need your hands this time
I need you...

people wasted
people tired of being tested
people die somewhere molested
used to feed the rich and nasty

black leather boots
kickin' peace right in the teeth
they're killing my baby

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

sweet noise vs teraz rock

oto adres pod ktorym umiescilem swoj komentarz w sprawie wywiadu ze Sweet Noise, a raczej jego braku w jedynym rockowym pismie jakim chce byc pismo Teraz Rock.

wywiadu w tym pismie nie przeczytacie z prostego powodu. szefowie tego miesiecznika nie zgodzili sie uhonorowac i zaznaczyc wyjatkowosci projektu The Triptic okladka. tego domagalismy sie dla tej plyty wychodzac z zalozenia ze jest to calkowicie pionierskie i bardzo wazne dzialanie na polskiej scenie muzycznej. tego typu rzeczy sprawiaja ze przesuwaja sie do przodu granice tego co mozna osiagnac w kwestii laczenia kultur, gatunkow muzycznych, ludzi i krajow lezacych od siebie tysiace kilometrow. w zamian proponowalismy bardzo ciekawa rozmowe w tym rowniez z muzykami i producentami z RPA. sprawa spotkala sie z totalnym brakiem zrozumienia naczelnego pisma Teraz Rock. wyglada na to ze projekt Sweet Noise The Triptic to dla tego pisma wydarzenie zbyt malego formatu aby zaslugiwalo na zaszczyt jakim jest okladka . ot nastepna rockowa plytka...
boli mnie to ze najwyrazniej w tym wszystkim nie chodzi w zupelnosci o sztuke. tutaj chodzi o pieniadze, wyjazdy zagraniczne i listy sprzedazy. mozesz walic glowa w mur, przeniesc Kilimandzaro i nic z tego nie wyniknie jezeli nie jestes w grze. moze gdyby dolozyc do rozmowy bilet w dwie strony do Cape Town...
dla tych ludzi jest cos za cos, a nie cos dla czytelnika i artysty. shame...
The Triptic to dla artystow w afryce wielki i wazny projekt. dla wielu fanow Sweet Noise jedna z naszych najlepszych plyt. to sa powodu dla ktorych wymagamy specjalnego potraktowania tego albumu.
to jest jednak rola dla odwaznych mediow. takich ktore chca cos zmieniac, kreowac i miec otwarte oczy na zycie i sztuke. dla tych ktorzy jedna noga nadal tkwia w PRL'u ta rola jest zbyt trudna. wymaga zmian i rewolucji, a na to malo kto w Polsce ma ochote. lepiej kroczyc bezpieczna droga ktora gwarantuje profity i brak rydzyka.
to nie jest pierwszy raz gdy panowie na gorze zaspali, w swoim samouwielbieniu i zadufaniu przeoczyli cos waznego, wykazali sie brakiem wyobrazni.
roznica jest taka ze tym razem artysta cham zazadal czegos w zamian za towar ktory sprzedaja. gazeta muzyczna sprzedaje sie dlatego ze sa w niej rozmowy z muzykami, lata naszej pracy i ciaglej walki o przetrwanie wiec :

" double talkin' jive get the money from the fucker 'cos i got no more patience. double talkin' liar. no more patience punk. you dig what I'm saying...? "

panie Wislawie jeden z nas odwalil w tym przypadku kompletna wioske.
pytanie kto...

G or W fuck BMW.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In the name/11 september

Lyrics for the first song that was written for Sweet Noise The Triptic album. when Vahan Bego heard the track he told me that it sounded like a triptic for him. that was the beginning of almost three years of hard work. the effect is 80 minutes of music. 15 songs.
in this one Teba from Cape Town city is joining me with his vibes and message making it a " serious business ". yes big respect for my brother.

today my thoughts go to 11th September. this tragedy is a part of this song. it is a part of my life, a fact that is still too painful to accept. that day I felt as my world was dying, changing and entering a new phase. those explosions were raping me personally, leaving scars that will never heal.
The Triptic is dedicated to all the victims of war, their relatives and close ones.
I still believe that through art we can change the world. it's all about being conscious and aware. then comes the reaction, revolution and change. try to keep my eyes open even when it hurts.



Intro: A music revolution taking place!yes man this is Teba straight outa Afrika cape Town city there bout ya along side Sweet Noise ya ear me yes man a serious business we ya deal wit musically ya ear me yes man watch we now style ita gwaan so ey world people 6 million ways to die we ya chose non of them why babylon them have fe fall Sweet noise and Teba na go cry!

I dig this dirt for a woman and man
I dig this dirt for a silent blame
and the lost name
the lost soul
who's above you
no one just an empty money can
dropping bombs on my fellow men
and a screaming child
the old man stands
singing songs
of a freedom in the name

in the name
in the name of a man
In the name
in the name of my men

U.N.I.T.Y is fe unity
But wicked man thema killing community

fugitives running
true rebel dying
they slaughter beauty
and the street still not crying-no
I see the president
spit on the holly graves
nations blind following
the dead trace
saw a child being trained to be a killer man
tears in eyes
guns in the little hands
missing brother
grave of his father
empty eyes what you've done to his mother

in the name
in the name of a man
In the name
in the name of my men

Hey homosepiens hey human species
Have fe stop this war ita go break we to to pieces
Tired fe see the youth wit wolipa stichies
Babylon suck we blood just lke stichies

I gave this little moment to my self
this precious little moment just to myself
And I drop this angry burning words
on a red doted line
guess who is lonely
guess who is lonely

I'll dig this dirt for the woman and a man
for the love and pain, and a killing will
not that fucked up dirty, will to kill
do you know what I mean?
you know...

their exploding cars
their waiting bombs
the bleeding land
the eyes that hate
I saw man kill in the name of god
so high above
my world was crying

screaming child
screaming for the lie
the exploding gun
tears my beauty open
scream for me
my child

scream for me
my freedom
in the name in the name of my man
in the name in the name of my man
I demand freedom in the name
of my dignity
respect, respect, respect me
scream for me
my screaming child

scream for me
and I'll tear this world apart for you
my child...