Sunday, June 22, 2008

my window view

5 in the morning. looking out for inspiration. taking my time to focus, slow down, rearrange and master the new way. everyday brings me closer but the process can be called draining if approached in a wrong way. everything that won't fit into the image should be separated. this is the only way to learn what is there at the end of these passage . stronger after talking to the loved ones. it surely is a fight zone. fight with time, fear and routines. slow and silent moments.

Friday, June 20, 2008

deep spot

last night spent great time at my friends studio. 12 hours discussion on serious and non serious topics related more or less to art and music. every now and then I come to a point when an eye opener appears and this was one of those moments. with truth and honesty. no ego shit around just people who want to move world to another level, stay creative and true to what they believe in. I have say thanks Steve.

Monday, June 16, 2008

how artists communicate this days

if I'm asked to name the most important collaboration in my artistic life I'd with no doubt say Vahan Bego. it's been a long time since we started our friendship and art work and it's still surprising, vital and productive as hell. now days when I'm in L.A. and he's still in Poland Poznan we communicate on daily basis using internet tools to pass and shape our ideas. it is even more interesting and challenging this way. he is painting, sending me visual documentation as the work progresses and I'm creating music to reflect the process of creation. I get food for my inspiration every day and try to reflect this in sounds. one work is finished it ended up with me writing 35 minutes of sound. now the work has to be edited and put online for others to share and enjoy. we are already starting work with another paintings and in a very short time the true challenge will approach. sculpture in marble and steel. that is going to be huge. this is how we talk.