Sunday, July 13, 2008

up the hills

so the week is over almost. decided to repair my macbookpro myself and replace those fucked up fans. full success. took the machine apart and... was surprised with a mix of high technology and primitive cable mess I found inside. after all it was not as hard as some people say it would be. after using this machines for quite some time i can get to the insides and find my way out.
moving up the hills tonight to stay at my friends house while he's playing some dates in US . will spend some quality time in silent environment close to the nature where you can hear howling coyote and look a deer in his eyes. will be taking care of a very special guy called Milton.
want to explore my monome this week and write some music . hope I'll get some new vibes while away from the city. wait for some pictures. the place is magical...

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