Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Falun Gong

well I didn't think I was waiting for this one but in fact I was. I realized while listening for the first time to Chinese Democracy track that so much time has passed since mega bomb Appetite for Destruction changed the history of music in a way only those huge albums do. this one could have easily been a disappointment's not. everything I liked about the band back in the days is still here. undeniable character, attitude, heaviness, two faced lyrics...the timing is right for this message which seems to escape everyone's attention still shocked with the price of this recording. fuck that. I don't give a fuck about the money side. it's music and energy and hopefully message that matters. 
for some reason all the guitar solos don't bother me here just like they don't bother me in AC/DC songs. rock is rock and all it really demands is balls 'cos when they're gone it's no more rock it's a roll.

and Falun Gong guys must be satisfied... this is what I call positive exposure . Peace .


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